Stylish Portable Sterilizer Box Storage

Stylish Portable Sterilizer Box Storage


Portable LED Ultraviolet Light Sterilizer Storage Case by Xiaomi


This stylish disinfection container is a must have for those that have kids or travel a lot. 

Dropped your babies pacifier or binky? Do you have to disinfect bottles or milking equipment? No problem, just thow them into the box and 5 minutes later you are good to go!



  • Portable carry case.
  • Ultraviolet sterilization.
  • Anion deodorization.
  • UVCLED technology.
  • Constant temperature heating.
  • Megnetic switch, easy for use.
  • Multifunctions, suitable for: children's toys, beauty makeup and skin care products, clothes accessories, electronic products, etc.


  • Specifications

    Brand Dunhome(from xiaomi Eco-System)
    Material PU / Dacron
    Power 8W
    Power supply mode

    Plug charging / Mobile power supply

    Lamp bead LED Ultraviolet Light
    Ultraviolet wavelength 270nm-280nm
    UVCLED power 7mW-10mW
    Constant temperature 104 - 115 degrees 
    Color Grey, Pink
    Size 10" x 9" x 6"
    Weight 1.5 pounds

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