Coronavirus Facial Mask

Coronavirus Facial Mask

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$16.50Sale Price

Respirator mask for both men and woman. Includes N95 filter to make sure you are safe from all pathogens and viruses. This will protect from Corona Virus.


The mask can be used for more than 2 years. It is recommended to replace the filter once every 30 days. Frequent use or heavy haze area, depending on the situation (please replace the filter in time if it is black or damaged)

  • Specifications


    • Features:

      - Safety protection

    • - Comfortable and breathable

      - Blocking droplets

      - Dustproof and haze prevention

      - Elastic fabric

      - Fit the face

      Package included:
      1 x Face Mask(without goggle)


  • Instructions & Cleaning


    1. Expand the mask.
    2. Put the filter piece in the mezzanine.
    3. Cover the mouth and nose, then use the strap hanging on the ear.
    4. Fix the nose clip according to the shape of the nose.

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